Tune In
BitrateFirewall Friendly Tune In LinksSecure Tune In LinksLegacy Tune In Links
192kb MP3https://443-1.autopo.st/95/192https://jenny.torontocast.com:8048/192http://jenny.torontocast.com:18048/192
128kb MP3https://443-1.autopo.st/95/128https://jenny.torontocast.com:8048/128http://jenny.torontocast.com:18048/128
64kb AAC+https://443-1.autopo.st/95/64https://jenny.torontocast.com:8048/64http://jenny.torontocast.com:18048/64
32kb AAC+https://443-1.autopo.st/95/32https://jenny.torontocast.com:8048/32http://jenny.torontocast.com:18048/32

Stream Information

Direct Links
While the Pop-Up Player is the preferred and only supported method of tuning in to Flashback Alternatives, direct streaming links are available for your convenience. The direct streaming links are offered without any support or guarantee that they will work and are subject to change without notice. Not all players support secure (https) links. Please try the legacy links if the secure links do not work in your player.

Firewall Friendly Links
Our new Firewall Friendly links allow listeners to tune in via Port 443, which should pass through most office firewalls. This service is provided without support and is not guaranteed to work for everyone. These links act as a redirect to the TorontoCast streams. They are not a separate streaming service.

We are now offering a 192kb MP3 stream in addition to our 128kb MP3, 64kb AAC+ and 32kb AAC+ streams. The 64kb AAC+ and 32kb AAC+ streams are best for mobile use or in an office environment to conserve bandwidth. Please try all the bitrates to find one that suits your listening needs.

Flashback Alternatives is also available via TuneIn.com where we are known as Flashback Division. Our streams are supported on the TuneIn mobile app, through home devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home with the TuneIn skill enabled, and Android Auto and Apple Car play with the TuneIn Mobile App installed on your smartphone. Try saying “Alexa, play Flashback Division on TuneIn” or “Hey Google, play Flashback Division on TuneIn“.